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Community Concerts

St. Stephen Church


Yum Center

In addition to our Subscription Concert Series, an important part of our programming is outreach to audiences who may not be able to attend them.  That outreach is also part of the important educational component of our mission.

In recent years, we have given free performances in a variety of venues. 

Some were for senior or retirement communities, such as Friendship House and Belmont Village.

Some were in children’s and youth programming, such as Parkland Boys and Girls Club and Neighborhood House.

Others were for a mix of the two, such as at St. Stephen’s Baptist Church

And one was for fun-halftime at a U of L Women’s Basketball Game at the Yum Center 

And some of our free programs were for  those who lack even the basic shelter of a home, such as at St. John Center for Homeless Men, the Salvation Army Center of Hope and Wayside Christian Mission. 

neighborhood house.png

Neighborhood House


St. John Center for Homeless Men

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