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About Us

The Mission of The Louisville Master Chorale is to enrich our community through the performance of outstanding choral music from varied traditions.

There are five Goals that support our Mission through a strategic plan:

Organizational Structure
Maintain an effective organizational structure that consistently rewards audiences with programs that elevate, provoke, educate, and entertain throughout the year.

Non-Financial Support
Encourage non-financial support from singers, board members, concertgoers, and the community.

Sustain an ongoing fund-raising process that will provide required financial resources.

Provide a collegial environment that promotes teamwork and supports performing arts in the greater Louisville community at large.

Equal Opportunity
Inspire excellence by welcoming challenge, discovery, and diversity through inclusive programming and equal opportunity for all members and concertgoers regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity or cultural heritage.

Board of Directors

Jim Barnes
Danny Blankenship
Bill Coleman, Vice-President
Margaret Dickinson
June Hampe
Matt Lindblom, President
Jeannie Livesay
Terrence L. McCoy
Nancy Morris
Randy Peters
Robert Powell
Campbell Rightmyer
Gwen Rogers, Secretary
Sue Russell
Russ Scott, Jr.
Paul Shoemaker
Stephanie Smith, Treasurer
Philip Tamplin


Artistic Leadership
Mark Walker, Artistic Director
Jack Griffin, Production Manager

PO Box 8188  |  Louisville, KY 40257  |  (502) 309-9562  |  inbox@LouisvilleMasterChorale.org